Rabbit Holidays

We offer a holiday boarding service for Rabbits so you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that your Rabbit is being cared for correctly  whilst  you are away. 

We have rabbit cages in the house for indoor bunnies and hutches with secure runs in the garden for our outdoor guests. We also have a summerhouse which is heated in the winter and we provide plenty ventilation for those hot summer months.


Your rabbit can stay in one of our cages or you can bring your own cage. We have 100cm, 120cm and 140cm Ferplast rabbit cages available. There is a £10 fee to use one of our cages.


We provide all they will need for their stay from top quality hays, fresh food, bowls, bottles and bedding. You are welcome to bring their favourite toys, treats or bedding. We do ask you to bring enough of their own dry food so we dont upset tummies with a different brand.


We will ask how often you feed your pet and what you feed them, any supplements and especially what treats are their favourite. If your pet has a routine we will try to follow that as this will help your pet to feel more settled with us. 

Pets that enjoy and are used to being handled will be handled daily. Your rabbit will get out of their cage daily to stretch their legs. If the weather allows we will always let your rabbit have lots of time outside alternatively we will make sure they get time indoors to have a hop around.


Our daily care schedule includes health checks, food & fresh water, exercise, bathing where appropriate and any other special requirements that is stated by yourself.

Your rabbit will not mix or share accommodation with any other guests.

In the event of any illness occurring, veterinary advice and treatment, if necessary,

will take place and you will be contacted directly.  The cost of all veterinary bills will be covered by you. 

We spend lots of time with our guests every day, ensuring they are happy and well.

We provide regular email or Whatsapp updates of your bunnys holiday, including photos and videos.

We can accomodate special needs and medical boarders, contact us for more details.


Vaccine Requirements - Please read

Your rabbit needs to have had their annual vaccine which protects against myxomatosis, R(V)HD1 and R(V)HD2.  To give them full protection this needs to be given at least 21 days before arrival. We cannot board rabbits who have not been vaccinated. This is to protect your rabbit and keep our other guests safe. 

Unfortunately, there are no effective treatments for these diseases, and so vaccinations really are essential. Speak to your vet about the most suitable vaccination course and best ages to vaccinate.

We require proof of vaccination certificates. You can upload a photo of your vaccine certificate on our booking form or send it to us on Whatsapp or email. 

Rabbits prone to mucky bums should be treated with a flystike prevention treatment such

as Rearguard prior to boarding, especially during the summer months. 


Drop off/Collection times

Mon to Fri 9am - 3pm

Sat & Sun 10am - 2pm


We will contact you a few days before the arrival date to arrange collection/drop off times. Please be punctual when dropping off or collecting your pet. We understand things happen but it you are going to be late even 10 minutes please let us know. 

Rabbit Holiday prices 

1 Rabbit  - £6.00 per day,

2 Rabbits in the same cage/hutch £9.00 per day

Use of McMarshys cage £10 fee