All inclusive holiday care for your own little jagglepuss. Frances has her own APH named Quilly so knows what our spiky little friends like and need to be happy and healthy.  We provide all they will need for their stay from top quality Bedding, Fresh treats like mealworms, wax worms, cooked chicken and other treats. We ask you bring your pets own dry food as changing food can lead to sore tummys. You are welcome to bring their favourite toys, treats or bedding.


African Pygmy Hedgehog Holiday

We recommend you bring your pet in their own habitat as this will cause them

less stress. If you are unable to provide their own habitat we have suitable vivariums available.

We will ask how often you feed your pet and what you feed them,any supplements and especially what treats are their favourite.

We will ask if your pet has a routine we will try to follow that as this will help your pet to feel more settled with us. 

Pets that enjoy and are used to being handled will be handled daily. Our little Quilly hates a cuddle and is super grumpy so dont be worried if you have a grump on your hands as we are used to that. 

We can give your hedgie a bath, We know how dirty those little paws can be

after a night of running in a poop filled wheel!.


They do not mix or share accommodation with any other guests.

In the event of any illness occurring, veterinary advice and treatment, if necessary,

will take place and you will be contacted directly.  The cost of all veterinary bills will

be covered by you. 

We spend lots of time with our guests every day, ensuring they are happy

and well. We provide regular email or Whatsapp updates of your pets holiday,

including photos and videos.

We can accommodate special needs and medical boarders, contact us for more details.

Drop off/Collection times

Mon to Fri 9am - 3pm

Sat & Sun 10am - 2pm


We will contact you a few days before the arrival date to arrange collection/drop off times. Please be punctual when dropping off or collection your pet. We understand things happen but it you are going to be late even 10 minutes please let us know. 


African Pygmy Hedgehog - £6 per day, 2 Hedgehogs in the same enclosure £9 per day.

Our summerhouse is heated in the winter and we provide plenty ventilation for those

hot summer months.