About Us

Hi, Welcome to McMarshys a Small & Exotic Pet Boarding service provided by

Frances and Jade.

We met through our mutual love of animals and decided we wanted to turn our passion for animals into a holiday boarding service for other pet owners.


All my life I have been passionate about caring for animals. I have owned and loved Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Rats and Ferrets. I have rehomed cats from the Cat Protection League and Ferrets from the SSPCA.

I live in Larkhall with my German Short Hair Pointer (Munchies), a black and white cat (Ace) and a Ferret (Flint) who is just the cutest.

​I have converted the sun room  in my house to provide specialist care for rodents, reptiles and other exotic pets. 



I have shared my life with many different animals including Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Budgies, Gerbils, Tortoises and a very grumpy African Pygmy Hedgehog. I have rehomed cats from the Cat Protection League and tortoises from both the SSPCA and Tortoise Protection Group. 


I live happily in Larkhall with my fiance, two children, a cavalier king charles (Buster), the sweetest Tabby cat (Bella), 2 Horesefield Tortoises (Stampy & Stella), 2 Leopard Tortoises (Sparty & Alfredo), an African Pygmy Hedghog (Quilly)and the most amazing Beta Fish (Ru) who has some other tropical tank mates.